#6 - Nordeste + Furnas

Tour description:

This tour will be based on the East/Central side of the Island of São Miguel, being this the oldest area of the island between 4.2 million and 800 thousandth years.

We will start our tour driving by the South coast towards the city of Lagoa crossing than to the North side of the island being our first stop at Miradouro de Santa Iría, where you will have a dramatic view over the North coast of the Island, being able to spot the big volcano of Sete Cidades and the highest point of the Island called Pico da Vara at 1105 meters high.

Now, on the North coast, Gorreana tea plantation will be our next stop, one of the last two tea companies of “Camellia sinensis” in Europe, producing black and green tea. You will have the opportunity to visit the factory and sample the tea.

After being delighted with the delicious tea experience, we will visit “Parque Natural da Ribeira dos Caldeirões”, where waterfalls, gardens and picnic areas gives a special touch to the park.

Done with this stop we will continue our tour by the North coast passing by the Village of Nordeste, the main village of the county once was considered one of the gardens of Europe winning a prize in 1994 which they proudly display at the Town Hall.

Our next stop will be Vista dos Barcos view point, where you will have the opportunity to look at the oldest light house of the Azores, build back in 1876, called “Farol do Arnel

Ponta do Sossego, a beautiful garden surround by old mountains and sea is waiting for you. An unforgettable stop.

After visiting Ponta do Sossego, our next stop will be the view point of “Pico Longo” from this view, you will see the village of Povoação and it’s Lombas, back than know by the wheat and corn valley.

Parish of Furnas, located in the middle of a huge volcano will be our next destination, place where we will have time to have our lunch. This is also the moment that you will have the opportunity to try the famous “Cozido”, a combination of different vegetables and meats. It may be a good suggestion for lunch.

After lunch we will go to Caldeiras of Furnas, hot water springs, medicinal mud used for several skin and respiratory conditions.

After this wonderful experience, we will go to the Furnas Lake the place where we cook underground the famous “Cozido” which you probably already tried at your lunch time.
Admission fee of Lagoa das Furnas has a cost of 3 Euros per person, which is already include on the tour price.

Before we leave the biggest “Caldeira” of the island, we will take you to Pico dos Milhos for an overview of Furnas valley.

Finally we will exit the big volcano of Furnas on the way to the chapel of Our Lady of Peace located at the top of a hill with the same name, with a spectacular panoramic view of the Village of Vila Franca and the famous lagoon known by “Ilhéu de Vila Franca do Campo”, a crater of a submarine volcano about 5000 years old, now a national reserved area.

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