#5 - Sete Cidades + Lagoa do Fogo

Tour description:

On this tour we will visit the main West and Central sites of São Miguel, specifically Sete Cidades volcano and a collection of lagoons, with special attention for the Green and Blue lagoons, once considered one of the 7 wonders of Portugal. We will also visit the Fogo Lagoon and it´s volcano, well known for it´s magnificent lake with white sandy beaches and crystal clearwater.

We will begin our tour visiting the Arruda´s Pineapple Plantation located at Fajã de Baixo. Our pineapple is grown inside of glass green houses, taking on average 2 years to be harvest.

Next by driving through the South coast on the way to the city of Lagoa, you will see 3 black sandy beaches, São Roque, Melicias and Populo, about 4 km from Ponta Delgada.

In the city of Lagoa you will visit the Vieira Ceramic Company, a old company still going strong since 1862, where you will enjoy seeing a different kinds of pottery and tiles still being produced the original way.

Now is time to drive over the mountain of the volcano of Fogo, South side, enjoying spectacular landscaping views over the West, volcano of Sete Cidades as well as South, Central and North sides of the Island.

At the top of the volcano, Pico da Barrosa, standing at 947 meters high, you will be mesmorized with the view over the big volcanic caldeira of Fogo and it’s magnificent lake with the same name.

Our next stop will be Caldeiras of Ribeira Grande, located in the north of the Island of São Miguel, in the beautiful county of Ribeira Grande, the village of Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande is alive testimony of the volcanic manifestations of this Island.
In the surrounding area are also available holes for confection of stews, a phenomenon that can also testify.

After this wonderful stop we will take you downtown Ribeira Grande which became a city on June 29th 1981 a very picturesque city with an original garden build around the water stream. This is also the town where we will have the opportunity to have our stop for lunch.

To continue our tour, we will take the North coast of the Island towards Pico do Carvão, that takes us to the famous view of Vista do Rei, we will be seeing spectacular landscaping views, such as and North, Central and South coasts of the island, as well as the Fogo volcano located in the middle of the Island surrounded by green vegetation.

Meanwhile, and before arriving at Vista do Rei, we will make a stop at the Canário lake and at the famous viewpoints of Grota do Inferno and/or Cerrado das Freiras.

Please note; Grota do Inferno view point, is not available on weekends from November 1st till March 31st.

Continuing our tour to Vista do Rei, you will see the famous Blue and Green Lake, surrounded by green landscapes and steep slopes.

On the way to the parish of Sete Cidades, we will be making one more stop; at Santiago Lake viewpoint.
This lake is located at 334 meters from the sea level, has a length of 700 meters, a width of 475 meters and approximately 29 meters deep.

The farm village of Sete Cidades located at the bottom of the crater with the same name will be visited where you will have the opportunity to look at the church of Saint Nicolas built in 1857.

The return to Ponta Delgada will be trough the South coast where will stop at the “Miradouro do Escalvado” where you will have a superb view over the fishing village of Mosteiros, with beautiful summer homes, beaches and natural pools, and the famous rocks leftovers of an extinct volcano.

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