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Medieval Fair

20 July 2017

Feira MEdieval - Medieval Fair Feira MEdieval - Medieval Fair

Feira Quinhentista na Ribeira Grande 2017

Julho, 13 | 19:00 - Julho, 17 | 0:00



13 de julho 

19:00 h – Abertura do mercado e cortejo de abertura do arraial.

19:30 h – Discurso do enviado d’el Rei sobre os novos forais  e anúncio dos artistas.

20:30 h – Marinheiros provocarão desacatos na zona das tabernas.

22:00 h – Velhos marinheiros contam histórias das suas aventuras.

00:00 h – Teatro de fogo e espetáculos de pirotecnia.


14 de julho

19:00 h – Mostra ao burgo dos tambores do reino.

19:30h – Visita do almotacem  e do meirinho aos mercadores e mesteirais.

20:30 h – Torneio a cavalo.

00:30 h – Espetáculo de malabares de fogo na escadaria na Igreja da Matriz.


15 de julho

18:30 h – Treinos de combate dos cavaleiros e visita do meirinho aos tendeiros e mesteirais; adubamento de cavaleiros.

19:00 h – Festa da corte, danças mouriscas, dança sufi e encantadores de serpentes.

20:00 h – Mesa do tabelião entre os moradores de Vila Franca do Campo e dos da Ribeira Grande.

20:30 h – Torneio a cavalo.

00:30 h – Espetáculo de malabares de fogo e pirotecnia.


16 de julho

18:30 h – Arruada pelas ruas do burgo e visita meirinho aos mercadores e mesteirais; adubamento de cavaleiros.

19:00 h – Cortejo solene pelas ruas do burgo para receber o emissário d’El-Rei.

20:00 h – Piratas da berberia sarracena atacam o porto.

20:30 h – Danças mouriscas, dança do ventre e dança thanora; os milicianos da capitania resgatam os reféns aprisionados aos invasores.

22:00 h – Um grupo de marinheiros naufraga junto à costa. Danças populares de cariz quinhentista com zaragatas.

00:00 h – Passagem dos beleguins, de lampião, pelas ruas e praças.

Wine Tasting

22 October 2016

Wine Tasting Wine Tasting

Great event going on during this days.....

See more!

Medieval Fair

19 July 2016

Medieval Fair Medieval Fair

São João Festival - Vila Franca do Campo 2016

12 June 2016

Program of São João popular fiesta. Program of São João popular fiesta.

A popular fiesta with a lot of music shows and tapas tends, go and have fun!

Santo Cristo dos Milagres

31 March 2016

Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres

The second largest Portuguese catholic celebration is Santo Cristo dos Milagres in the island of São Miguel, Azores.

This celebration will take place between April 28th and May 5th, 2016.

Romeiros (Pilgrims) of São Miguel

15 February 2016

Romeiros Romeiros

Romeiros (Pilgrims) of São Miguel

During February and March 2016

The Romeiros  come from all around the world. They walk the island roads for eight days during the months of February and March. They travel clockwise on the island in groups by the dozens, from dawn to dusk.

They carry a staff and a rosary in their hand, a scarf around their neck, a bag and shawl on their backs. As night falls they are given shelter by families that offer dinner and some hours of sleep. It's through prayer that they free themselves from the burdens of the world. Some have been pilgrims for 2 or 3 decades consecutively. Some are pilgrims once, as if they had done it forever. Faith does not change it is a life commitment.

Light mag. 4.3 earthquake - AZORES ISLANDS, PORTUGAL on Tuesday, 19 January 2016

19 January 2016

Cismo Cismo

Date & time: Tue, 19 Jan 09:45:58 UTC
Magnitude: 4.3
Depth: 5.0 km
Epicenter latitude / longitude: 38.1°N / 26.3°W [Map]
Nearest volcano: Don Joao de Castro Bank (32 km)
Primary data source: EMSC

Storm Alex has caused little damage after arriving in the Azores in the North Atlantic ocean.

16 January 2016

Storm Alex Storm Alex

The eye of the storm missed the archipelago's island of Terceira by 20 km (12 miles), meteorologists said.

Authorities had warned of the risk of landslides, flash-flooding and "significant coastal flooding," but Alex caused no more damage than toppling trees and cutting power to some villages.

Residents of the seven Portuguese islands had reinforced doors and windows with plywood and sandbags on Friday, and schools and administrative buildings were closed, but there were no casualties.

Hurricane Alex is the first storm of 2016. Copyright: 2016 EUMETSAT

The Azores government also advised the closure of some schools.

The islands are home to 250,000 people and are an autonomous region of Portugal, which lies 850 miles to the east. 

Alex is unusual for forming during winter when sea temperatures in the North Atlantic are much lower. The storm is expected to head north towards Greenland before dissipating.

Rare January hurricane forms in Atlantic, threatens Azores.

14 January 2016

Hurricane over Azores Hurricane over Azores

MIAMI (AP) — A rare January hurricane formed far out in the Atlantic on Thursday, and U.S. officials said it was the first hurricane to form in the month of January since 1938.

Hurricane Alex's maximum sustained winds were near 85 mph (140 kph). A hurricane warning was issued for Portugal's mid-Atlantic Azores Islands, where the Civil Protection Service issued a weather red alert, the highest of four warnings that indicates extreme risk, for five of the archipelago's nine islands. It said residents should expect waves up to 18 meters (60 feet) high and wind gusts up to 160 kph (100 mph).

TheU.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said in a Facebook post that there hasn't been a hurricane present during the month of January since
1955, when Alice formed in late December 1954 and carried over into the next month.

The hurricane was centered about 415 miles (670 kilometers) south of Faial Island in the central Azores and was moving north-northeast near 20 mph (31 kph).
Alex was expected to move near or over parts of the Azores on Friday, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said.

The Azores government on Thursday advised kindergartens to stay closed and told residents to ensure drainage systems aren't blocked.

The archipelago, which has a population of around 250,000, has been threatened by hurricanes before, but they usually lose their strength as they move into colder northern water.

Alex formed only days after a rare event in the Pacific. An El Nino-related tropical storm formed southwest of Hawaii last week. Tropical Storm Pali, only the third such system to develop in January in over 40 years,had weakened to a depression by Thursday and was expected to dissipate in the next day or so. It never made landfall and was no threat to land.

However, Alex's formation has nothing to do with El Nino, according to NOAA Climate Prediction Center deputy director Mike Halpert. NOAA researcher
Jim Kossin said the water Alex formed in was about 3 to 4 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than normal, still barely warm enough for a storm to


13 January 2016

Azores, Portugal

These islands including Flores (pictured)lie about 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) west of continental Portugal.

The Azores are home to green volcanic mountains and picturesque townsattributes noted by one of 522 experts who helped judge 111 islands for National Geographic Traveler magazine.

The archipelago was ranked second because the Azore's strong culture and  healthy ecosystems are likely to last, especially since the islands' "capricious climate probably impedes the flow of tourists," according to another expert participating in the ranking.

Early signs of inappropriate development, however, were a concern.

Vasco Cordeiro admite ter utilizado a SATA para impulsionar o turismo nos Açores

11 November 2015