Janela do Inferno

We will begin our walk near the Casa da Água - Trail Point, an old milk post transformed into a support facility for hikers, to promote the municipality of Lagoa and environmental awareness.

Going down the road and after passing by the picnic area we will take the secondary road to Água de Pau. Along the climbing, you will have the opportunity to look at the municipalities of Lagoa and Ponta Delgada that were left behind. Crossing the water line we will reach the first tunnel and we will pass a supporting house for the water harvesting.

After walking along the ribeira Seca stream riverside passing by the intersection with PR 42 SMI – Rota da Água, entre Túneis e Condutas connecting to Água de Pau we will reach a point of interest – Janela do Inferno – a vertical wall, rich in water springs and where it is possible to see a cavity, made by the water erosion. In its base there is a natural pond where it is possible to observe Newts (Triturus cristatus) in different stages of their life cycle (aquatic larva, juvenile/eft and adult). Take a chance to appreciate the beauty of this place and to regain energy.

From here, the trail turns back, by the other creek bank, crossing a series of majestic aqueducts that used to supply the ancient Alcohol Factory of Lagoa and nowadays supplies water for the municipality. At the end of the wooded area we will find a last tunnel that used to work as an aqueduct, with a 50 m length.

Here, the trail returns to a dirt road accessing farming fields. After crossing the regional road, we will continue ahead until we see a lookout point with a view to the municipality of Ponta Delgada. Continuing our hike, we will pass through the interior of the village of Remédios until Casa da Água – Trail Point where the trail ends.

Before you return to your accomodation, we will drive you to the top of Pico da Barrosa, point with 947 meters of altitude where you will have the opportunity to see the fantastic lake caleed "Lagoa do Fogo".

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