Rocha da Relva

Hiking tour itinerary of Rocha da Relva

This is a perfect hike to be done during a cloudy or foggy day due to its location in the south cost of São Miguel, low altitude and not far from Ponta Delgada city.

This trail is considered a medium difficulty and we do not recommend if you have knee problems as there are some climbs and declines along the trail.

Departing from Ponta Delgada at 08h30, we will drive the south road towards Relva Village, spending a total of 4h30 hours including transportation to and from the starting point.

Descending to “Rocha da Relva” by a narrow path dug out of the cliff is an easy track and presents no major risk. It goes down along the cost to “Rocha da Relva” which is a small area by the ocean, where
the access is only possible to be done by pedestrians, donkeys and horses.                                    Down there, a complete peace reigns in the entire village.

You will see some old wine cellars and about 50 houses which are considered weekend/summer houses owned by locals. 

“Rocha da Relva” is also well-known for having a microclimate perfect for vineyards, fig trees and other fruits which we kindly appreciate you respect and do not pick up the fruits along the way as they belong to the local owners of the houses.

On the way back we take the same path to the top, enjoying the ocean views along the way and the interesting geological formations just beside you throughout most of the hike.

We will be back at Ponta Delgada at 13h00.