Vista do Rei - Sete Cidades

Hiking tour itinerary of Vista do Rei - Sete Cidades

Departing from Ponta Delgada at 08h30, we will drive by the south road until we arrive at Vista do Rei, which is the most famous view located at the eastern side of Cumeeira of Sete Cidades, point that you will see the Green and Blue Lake and begin your 8km hike which will take you about 4 hours of an easy walk.

By hiking on the rim of the Caldeira of Sete Cidades, you will see over your right side the Caldeira
Seca “Dry Caldeira”, Sete Cidades parish with it's Blue and Green Lake and over the left side you will see the southwest coast of São Miguel and its picturesque small villages along the coast.

Our 8 km is done and it's time to have a picnic by the lake while you will enjoy the unique view surrounded by the rim of the big Caldeira of Sete Cidades.

To continue your pleasurable day, after the picnic you will have a 1 hour canoeing on the Blue
and Green Lake, another opportunity to see the several volcano formations and unique vegetation of the Caldeira of Sete Cidades.

Now is time to return to Ponta Delgada, which you will arrive around 17h00.


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