Sete Cidades 

4hr  (Approximately)

Price per Person - 30 Euros

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Lagoas das Empadadas and Canário are located around the volcano of Sete Cidades and are considered to be lakes of a unique natural beauty.


Vista do Rei, one of the most famous viewpoints of Sete Cidades, is overlooking  the crater and south coast of the island.


Cerrado das Freiras viewpoint,  which is overlooking the famous blue lake and green lake, delights the eyes of those who visit them.


Lagoa de Santiago is a small vulcano crater which is located inside of the huge vulcano crater of Sete Cidades, a beautiful lake surrounded by untouched vegetation.


Sete Cidades village, located at the bottom of the crater of the vulcano bearing the same name, is a peaceful village where time seems to stand still.


Escalvado view point, overlooks Mosteiros is a fishing village, famous for its great summer houses, beach, and natural pools made of lava formations. A great village to visit.


Pineapple Plantation. The Azorean pineapple it's famous for being the best pineapple of the world.


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Empadadas Lakes


Canário Lake


Vista do Rei


Cerrado das Freiras


Santiago Lake


Sete Cidades Village

Miradouro do Escalvado


Ananas Plantation




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